Bride of Christ,

These Afterglow Videos are designed to be watched after each lesson your Expedition Leader will teach. This will strengthen your understanding of the concepts you’ll learn from each chapter of The Kiss of Peace: A Contemporary Exploration into Song of Solomon.

By the expedition’s conclusion, you should have a competent knowledge of the biblical vignette, Song of Solomon. What’s more important is that you’ll have an opportunity to experience your Bridegroom Jesus Christ’s divine love and peace.

Enjoy! And may your Dowd Shelomah, your Beloved Peacemaker, become your all-in-all.


Diane Virginia (Cunio)

Chapter One – The Kiss
Chapter Two – Kedar’s Scar
Chapter Three – The Oasis
Chapter Four – The Banqueting Table
Chapter Five – Shadowboxing in Bether

Chapter Six – The Chariot Rider
Chapter Seven – Behind the Veil
Chapter Eight – Night Visitors
Chapter Nine – My Beloved is…
Chapter Ten – My Love
Chapter Eleven – A Search for Lilies
Chapter Twelve – Kept by Love